The main aim of Sekool Madagascar is to provide schooling for children


The main aim of Sekool Madagascar is to provide schooling for children. Sekool has directly addressed this issue and completed its first project by building a school for the children in the local area. This issue has been addressed not only by building the school but also by constant monitoring of the conditions prevailing in their family environment as that is crucial for their appropriate everyday education and their schooling progress.

We continued with project Art for Education. This program introduced performing arts and sports activities in our school that will contribute to children’s education. Permanent class and training facilities for arts, dance and sport have been implemented to further develop children’s artistic and physical abilities.

Next step is to introduce Art for Education project in several schools. Sekool performing group is to introduce and broaden this spectrum by performing in other school as well as at public engagements.

A lot of children in Madagascar have no opportunity to get basic education. In view of this, we have also established facilities in another town to welcome children who do not have a chance to receive any education or to start schooling. This is still a huge issue in Madagascar. With our facilities, teachers and instructors we provide courses that give children minimum education to be able to be accepted and integrated to local schools.

And, to take a step further, when it comes to used clothing, we took a special opportunity to contribute to the basic material well-being of children. Used clothing is donated by our business partners and associates as well as individuals and distributed to children in need.